Modular Accumulation Conveyor (MAC)

Smart, Economical & Flexible conveyor modules most suited for small and medium scale businesses. These small cost efficient conveyor modules ensure highest availability rates and are easily scalable to accommodate future growth in operations.

With In-built intelligence, MAC is a highly plug and play system that does not require any PLC or control programming knowledge. Each module comes equipped with a DC motor, integrated controller & one sensor.

These units can start stop independently to achieve zero pressure accumulation as detailed below:

The first box/bag will travel down the conveyor and stop at the last sensor at Zone 1. The next bag will come and stop at Zone 2 maintaining a gap from zone 1 bag. The rest of the conveyors (Zone 3 – Zone 6) can still keep running and accept bags as shown until all conveyors have been occupied.

This accumulation creates a buffer of products and builds an extra storage capacity without adding any additional space. These systems can also be used prior to sorters, merge and divert stations to control the flow of product onto these stations.

Standard Accumulation Modules:

  • Straight Roller Modules: Conveys the material horizontally
  • Curved Roller Modules: Changes the direction of transport of material.
  • Belt On Roller Modules: Used for conveying flexible material such as bags.
  • Incline/Decline Belt Module: Use to transport the material from one elevation to another.
  • Diverter Modules: These modules are used to change the alignment and direction of transport. Both 45 deg and 90deg divert modules are available.
  • High Load Pallet Modules: Accumulation conveyors capable of carrying high loads and fully filled pallets

Automatic Truck Loader & Stacker

A mobile automated machine which can place and stack bags automatically in closed and open trucks, trailers & containers up to 23 ft. This machine was designed to be flexible in nature and can cater to various sizes and dimensions of trucks and trailers available in India.  With its unique stacker, the bags are placed onto Read more...

the wagon floor without the use of any hooks or vacuum cups thereby ensuring that the bags are not damaged or torn during the entire loading process.


Using an easy to use control panel the AWLS, different loading pattern can be selected and the entire loading process can be monitored. AWLS also provides critical loading information such as bag count, no of bags loaded, total no of bags to be filled, time taken to load the wagon and much more.

Entering through the rear of the truck,  ATLS has 4 Degree of Freedoms and can move i) forward and backwards : to cover the length of the truck, ii) Sideways to cover the width of the truck,  iv) Telescopic extension to extend the reach and fill longer trucks and finally v) Vertical lift to increase the stacking height.


Automatic Wagon Loader & Stacker

A fully automated machine to load and stack bags (of up to 50 kg’s) inside closed Indian railway wagons (BCN, BCN-A and BCN-HL). AWLS mimic the pattern and method in which bags are loaded manually by loaders and can place bags in the crown portion of the wagon and the passageway. This ensures that full capacity of the wagon is utilized. Read more...


Custom Automation Solutions

AutoRity is always eager to accept new projects and tasks for which an automated solution might not exist. Our expertise lies in understanding the problem and developing new products and or integrating existing products to solve your problems.We have the experience, skill and equipment necessary to deliver your projects efficiently and effectively. Read more...